Soulful Words


  • Motivation

    The importance of Motivation in an individual’s life cannot be overemphasized. Motivation is the reason you get up from bed every single day. It is...
  • Perception

    We sometimes hate people who love us because of a “single” action they took, maybe against what we expected. In these scenarios, we question our re...
  • Compassion

    Often, compassion is mistaken for empathy. While Empathy is the ability to put oneself in another’s place, compassion is a sympathetic understandin...


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What other awakened souls say about us -

Mysteriously beneficial!

Idk how but whenever I'm wearing this, i feel urged to make the most of the present moment! 
The T-shirt came before than expected and in perfect condition. 
Perfect size and fitting 
Overall extremely happy and have recommended this to my friends too!

Akhil, Financial Risk Manager

Awesome product

I ordered this sweatshirt because I loved the soulful message it is carrying and the bright and eye catching colours. It was delivered to me in flat one week. I want to try the tee shirts as well.

Ashima, GM at Aamoksh One Eighty Hospitality Pvt. Ltd.


Good quality! 
The poem is deep. I’m a poet myself and this made me think hard, which is a good sign.

Albert, Poet

Pleasantly surprised!

First of all, I didn’t expect the sweatshirt to be so comfortable and fit me PERFECTLY!
Secondly, what made me try this was the captivating design and the deeply relatable poem on it. 
An easy 5 star :)


Super prompt international delivery

I was surprised by how fast the tee shirt was delivered considering it was shipped from Europe to India.

As for the product quality, the fabric is top notch, something you'd expect from a costlier branded tee. The print is amazing, absolutely intact after a few washes.

Daksh S, Consultant at Bain & Company