Inner Mirror - It starts here

Quick question - How many days have you gone through without looking at yourself in the mirror? Not many, if any. Well, that's the answer I gave and so did all the people I personally asked. 

What we see in the mirror is the reflection of our physical self. Whether we like it or not, with time we seem to understand it and accept it. The subtle imperfections and flaws may make us insecure or self-conscious of our appearance but in this process, we become aware of our 'physical' nature. 

The inner mirror shows us 'who' we are, 'what' we are and how less of the world we had seen and explored. It is not an object that one can create or purchase, we have it within ourselves, intangible and magnificent. 

I can say with certainty that when you first looked in a 'physical' mirror, neither did you understand what you saw nor do you remember that day. Obviously, you knew it was you who you were looking at it but you didn't quite figure your face or body out as much as you do now and it became an act of subconscious exploration of your physical being. Regular usage made it into a habit and you became aware of even the minutest details of your body. If you didn't use a mirror for a while, it got covered with dust and scratches and maintenance was required to make it usable again.

The same law applies to your inner mirror - 'Use it or lose it'. It'll be hard for you to clearly see yourself in it at first but with regular usage, practice and maintenance you'll become a master of it. You will see yourself for the first time and THAT will be a pure and beautiful experience because you'll see yourself for who you are, without any judgements or pre-conceived beliefs except neutrality. A state of absolute acceptance with yourself will be the consequence of it coupled with access to the key to unlocking your inner potential eventually freeing yourself from the blindness created by you.  

"I see what I need to see before I see what others want me to see"


  • Stop using my painting on your website without my permission!

    Jacob Brandt-Møller
  • Beautifully written. Simple and with clarity of thought.

  • Very beautifully and simply penned such an important aspect which very often gets ignored by most. Well done!

    Ashima Sharma
  • Very insightfully written. Waiting for more posts from you..

    Meenakshi singhal
  • Beautifully written in such a peaceful and subtle way.

    Charvi Jain

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