Story Of A Curious Soul

Story of a curious soul

Welcome aboard beautiful souls! I have an interesting story to tell today, the story behind 'Consoult Life'.

I was a lost soul throughout my life, just like many of you. Finding my purpose felt like an "endless pursuit"  that I thought would never end. This bugged me. A lot. I started questioning myself, "how can I die without even knowing the reason behind my existence? Something is wrong with me, something needs to be done...". 

Then I realised something, something I'll forever be grateful for, something that opened a new world for me, something that made me see things clearly. 

It is not me who I should be questioning, it is everything BUT me.

Since that day, my life changed for the better. I magically started to understand things that seemed so complicated before. I realised that LIFE IS SIMPLE and I want to LIVE my life as a free soul, not a slave. 

Consoult Life is my attempt to spread the simple truths of life in a way that makes the both of us happy! 

Take the next, or should I say the first step here - Inner Mirror - It starts here



  • The “simple truths of life” sometimes are the most difficult to understand….looking forward for more such posts to simplify life :)

    Ashima Sharma
  • Yes you did your job. You made me happy :D


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