Why 'Regret' is Pointless and How it affects us

"Why do you hold off what you feel or wish to do because you don't want to mess up or have things get weird?"

Because you don’t want to regret?

Regret is a very diverse topic a lot of us are familiar with. We all in one way or another have experienced the positive and negative sides of regret hanging loosely on a thread calling us names and taunting our decisions and choices. It calls for proper dissection as a topic, but I'll have you know that regret is a pointless emotion and can affect us physically, psychologically and so on if we tend to patronize this feeling often.

If you've ever walked down regret aisle, you'd agree with me that it has done more harm to you than it has done well. Whenever we make decisions, we are faced with what the outcome would look like and what good or bad consequences come with it. It is good to analyze your choices as you would have peace of mind if you don't eventually do things you'd regret. Okay so you've taken the decision, and you're left with regret. But why regret instead of learning the lesson a wrong decision teaches you and move on with life?

We as living beings have the freedom of choice and decision and will most assuredly make mistakes a lot of times. Mistakes we should learn from rather than let them land you into the terrible dome of regrets. A lot of times, regrets can be positive and keep us away from making more mistakes, but some other times they make us miserable, scared of making decisions so as not to make the wrong ones. It keeps us from making decisions which most times are essential for our growth, success, and happiness. It weighs us down that we begin to doubt ourselves and gradually we succumb to the cold hands of depression and low self-esteem. Why let regret steal our joy when the fact is that some of these decisions we are now regretting at the point of making them were the best and right decisions at that point.

A lot of people today on their deathbeds regret not what they did but what they didn't do. The skill they never learned, talent never developed, places never visited, and the love they held back. So I'm saying, regrets only take away our inner peace and take away from us the motivation to make our own choices. Mistakes come with the map of life so rather than regret and reel into a canyon of mental and psychological breakdown, take the lessons you've learned from your mistakes and move on with the strength to overcome the scars of more mistakes to come. This gives the soul a different kind of peace and the truth is we cannot escape making mistakes, but we can live knowing that we've garnered strength and wisdom from our previous mistakes to lead us through the different phases of life.


  • Thank you Tyag! :)
    I hope you found value in this post. Have a good day.

    Prakhar Sharma
  • Soulful post

    Tyag Murti Sharma

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