Are you awake? Yes? Do you 'think' you’re awake?
I’m sure I’m not, and it doesn’t bother me a bit.
Life experience has taught me that the hardest, yet the simplest way to look at the beauty and simplicity of life is to admit that you’re LOST. Why? The period most souls think they’ve got everything figured out is the exact time the SOUL is lost the most. I was once that soul, but I admitted to my nature. Now, I explore as much as I can; I seek inner peace.
Who am I?
I’m a young tender soul who looked deep inside and found out how misled and brainwashed I was. I went in for a change; to follow myself, bringing out the best in me and creating the life I wanted, the life I can call my own. I choose to live a life of awareness, truth, and simplicity and I found out it’s the key to fulfilment and happiness.
Here's my story - Story of a curious soul
What is Consoult Life?
Consoult Life erupted from deep within me. A place of deep spirituality and motivation to spread what I feel will bring self-discovery to human souls. Words have power, so does art. A synergism of words of truth and wisdom with art that awakens our imagination is the personal guide we need to sail through this life journey. With unique and mind-blowing art and words, Consoult Life reminds us to dig deep into our souls and find a positive direction. After all, all that you seek is already within you; harness it, use it.
Consoult Life is a haven for all in need of a companion for the life journey.