Are you a Spiritual Guru or something?
I won’t define myself as a spiritual guru. I’m a self-conscious person who is fascinated with exploring life and the way things function both inside and outside us. I understand that’s the only way to live a fulfilled and happy life and I welcome all who share my thought to share a pleasant experience with me.
In what way will your website benefit me?
Excellent question. I would ask the same if I were you. Have you ever felt the need of a reminder to remind you of the path you choose? A significant percentage of derailment from a chosen path is due to not having a reminder to tell you of the road you choose or not to go back to the path you left.
What great way to be reminded of your life-changing decision than having a vivid reminder. Yes! The content and products you find here are simple reminders for a peaceful and happy life


How and from where will my products reach me?
All the clothing products are made and shipped from the USA and Europe. They’re high-quality products and will be delivered to you at your doorstep by the best shippers in the world.
(UPS, FedEx, DHL)
All the accessory products are made and shipped from China. They are high-quality products and will be delivered to you at your doorstep by the best shippers in China. 
(China Post)
When will I get my product?
Clothing - It takes us around 3 days to prepare an order after which you can expect your product to arrive at your doorstep within 2 weeks' time.
Accessories - It takes us around 2-7 days to fulfil and ship an order. The delivery time may vary depending on your geographical location. (Estimate: 20-30 days.)
Note: It may take a lot less time or slightly more time depending on where the order has to arrive.
Refer to the Shipping Policy page for complete information on this.
Questions regarding the Return & Refund policy?
We’re all about positivity and supporting you to find peace. We can’t deny you that. We’ll do whatever we can to fix your issue. 
Refer to the Refund & Return Policy page to get the answers to all your questions,